Saturday, April 19, 2014

Day 9 - And Three Steps Back


Some of the bureaucratic kerfuffle from early in the week exploded today, taking my entire attention span with it. (I knew I knew I knew I knew I knew there was something wrong.  I knew it.  That's why I spent a day earlier in the week doing battle with the Evil Phone Tree.  Which is why it is both high-stress AND infuriating.)

It will take out at least a whole day next week as well.   And much of the weekend, in prepping for that day next week.
So what did I get done today?

Nothing.  Nada.  Zip.

Except I made some lovely popovers.  Those were tasty.

(UPDATE: got a second letter today, which totally overturned the first, saying all is good, no more action needed.  Apparently.)

I have a little time left this evening, and I am going to spend it considering my options for an important minor character in one of the WIPs:

1. Should she die (an event which would change the heroine's motive and tactics completely)?
2. Should she linger in unconsciousness until after the climax is over and then be there to explain things at the end?
3. Should she be conscious but uncooperative?
4. Should be be kidnaped from the hospital by the badguys to prevent her from speaking?
5. Should she escape the hospital and become a major complication when she shows up at the climax?
6. Should the good guys kidnap her from the hospital and throw all of my options to the wind?

The first option would be cleanest, the second would be safest (i.e. emotionally rewarding without really affecting the story at all), but the others provide more interesting opportunities -- and difficulties.

I may end up doing a random choice....
(Aaaaaaand... the random choice came back #6.  Crap.)

In the meantime, here is picture of cute cats from the interwebs.  Momcat and babycat kiss:

See you in the funny papers.


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Sorry for the bureaucratic mess! Hope things get back on track soon.

I vote for killing the character. :) But then, I always do!

The Daring Novelist said...

And now I get a letter reversing the previous one and suddenly cutting to the end -- approved! No more messing around. Yay!

As for the character, yeah, there's a reason why Hollywood has a motto about the handling of secondary characters: "Kill 'em or (bleep) 'em."

Today I beat out the end of the story and was finally able to pick out the actual right option to drive the story properly.