Monday, April 14, 2014

Day 5 - Baby Steps and Flouncy Ladies

Weekends are times when other people have the day off, so they end up booked up, Saturday for shopping, Sunday for Dim Sum and a Movie.  I try not to plan to do too much.  Sometime it works.

Today's Progress: Multiple small steps.  I generated the start of an idea for the next horse story.  Then I did a few hundred words on a flash story called "Something Rather Terrible," and I did the first rewrite pass on "No Regrets."

I also had an odd fantasy that could lead to an interesting Mick and Casey story:

I was taking a nap, and as I drifted off I had this image of the limp, wilting heroine being carried to safety by the manly hero, and my story-mind immediately started flipping through all my characters and rescue scenarios.  (It was sort of like the Marvel Studios logo -- the flip book going rapidly through a lot of images.)

And it stopped on Mick and Casey:  Some how this ultra-floofy young lady -- bedecked in ruffles and petticoats and ribbons and lace -- got herself into trouble with bad guys, who hitched her up by the jacket or belt and left her dangling from a hook in a barn. She is too ladylike and helpless to get herself unhooked.

And so there's Casey up above trying to get her unhooked, while poor Mick is trying to lift her up by her unmentionable regions, and getting smothered under flounces and pettiooats.  And of course, once Casey gets her unhooked, the lady falls right down on top of Mick, and much entanglement ensues, while Mick tries his best to remain a pure gentleman. (While Casey makes dry comments.)

The kicker that makes me want to write it, though, is that the hopeless little lady has no money to reward them with, or hire them to help her get her things back.  She has nothing to offer except her fancy lace parasol from Paris, France.  She offers it to Casey...

...and Casey accepts!


Did not see that coming. So I have to write it, if I can figure out what the lady's problem is.

So that's one more idea on the pile. (Not really a story yet.)

Eating, Watching, Reading: Dim Sum for lunch, then I baked bread, and made Tuna Casserole as per family request.  Watched The Incredible Hulk (Marvel, 2008) and was not particularly thrilled. It was reasonable entertainment, had a very funny cameo by Stan Lee (who has a cameo in all the Marvel Studios flicks) but totally underutilized Tim Roth.  This one didn't quite feel like a part of the new Marvel Universe -- with SHIELD and the Avengers and all -- but I guess I had to watch it if I wanted to be a completist.

Still reading The Glass Key.  Need to do some drawing soon, though, so I may start listening to some P.G. Wodehouse audiobooks.

Meant to talk about my goals for the 175 Day effort, but the Mick and Casey story was more interesting.  So maybe Wednesday.

See you in the funny papers.

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