Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Day 7 - Kerfuffle Day

I have decided that Tuesday should officially be Kerfuffle Day.  At least until Agents of SHIELD is done with the season.  (Agents of SHIELD is an Event around here.)  Also becuase Tuesday marks the end of each weak of this 175 Day Something-Or-Other I'm doing. And, of course, because it tends to be a good day for Kerfuffle.

The Kerfuffle Hunt

I define kerfuffle as all the messy annoying work of life.  Filling out forms, making appointments, straightening out problems, getting things fixed, dealing with minor (or even major) crises.  Interruptions.  Problems.  Annoyances.  Irregular chores.

Most of these sorts of things cannot be completely accomplished on weekends.  They often require phone calls to offices which are closed, or visits to the bank and such.  And always -- always always always -- when you think you'll be able to do it first thing on a Monday... you'll find that you must do this other thing first, which it's too late to do, so you have to put it all off until Tuesday.  (And as often as not, it spreads into Wednesday or Thursday, or Friday or next Monday -- but Tuesday seems to be a prime day for a lot of it.)

So, today was entirely eaten up by bureaucracy (not taxes - those were done a while ago).  And I had a moment of falling to the floor into fetal position after spending an hour trying to find the right phone number to accomplish X.  I found the website which had a link "How to accomplish X!"  I clicked on it. It popped up with the stunningly useful information "You can accomplish X by phone!"  There was no phone number listed.

I shall not go into how I found the number, or my adventures with phone trees.  (Even though the people, when I finally got to them, were nice, I got the distinct impression that the buttons I pushed in getting to them spelled out H-A-I-L H-Y-D-R-A.)

I was going to talk about goals today -- the stuff I'm looking forward to getting done in the next 175 days, but I am too tired.  I still got some Kerfuffle to deal with tomorrow.  (The good news is that some of that is steps toward releasing some money. Always nice when the kerfuffle is remunerative.)

See you in the funny papers.

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