Sunday, April 13, 2014

Day 4 - Writing and Shopping

Had a great session to start the day off, but then I had a marathon shopping session -- shopping for three people -- and then I decided that I didn't want leftovers again, so I cooked dinner and watched the good parts of Thor (the first one).  I then decided that I would read and get to bed on time tonight, rather than try to double my writing quotient.

Today's Progress: 1200 more words on "Dark Whisper."  Discovered that the real horse's name is Maven, and he seems to be a Thurcheron. (Thoroughbred/Percheron cross - Big, steady, good movers.  Sometimes don't notice the six-foot steel reinforced fence that's supposed to pen them in.  "Oh, there was a fence there? Oops!  Sorry, my bad." Not sure I'll use that detail in the story.)  Also, Horse Master Joe does a bit of detective work.

Eating, Watching, Reading: made Shrimp Cakes and Pan-Seared Aparagus with a lemony gravy, while watching the middle part of Thor because I like the parts that take place in New Mexico better than those that take place in Asgard. Also, we're reviewing most of the Marvel movies now that the Agents of SHIELD TV show is converging with the movies.  (We'll be watching Hulk tomorrow -- the only one we haven't seen, because it never interested us. However, given the "character-driven" nature of the new Marvel movies, and also how they seem to be building up to a big, on-going mystery pot-boiler, we figure we should see it.)

Yes, I don't write superhero stories, and don't do that much with fantasy, but I am blown away by what Marvel is doing. Also, I am a great fan of Joss Whedon.  (I mean, this is the guy who did Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog, AND also produced Much Ado About Nothing as a fun project on weekends in his own house!  He is my storytelling hero.)

So now, off to bed to continue reading The Glass Key

See you in the funny papers.

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