Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Day 20 - Mini Update

Not much to report.  Some kerfuffle conquered. (Kerfuffle which should free up a chunk of cash, no less.)  Some screwing around.  Some writing.

Today's Progress: approx 1000 words on Robarc and In Flight

I also did a tiny little bit of blogging for this fall, but nothing I got excited about.  And I did a little more work on plotting for Man Who 2.  Also, I think I might have a couple more minor characters for In Flight.  I don't think they'll affect the story much, but I felt like the room was too empty when my heroine sets up a public confrontation. 

Eating, Watching, Reading:

Made chili for the family, and a little stir-fry for me.  Tried to watch another B-movie noir, but I could not get into it. It had Angela Lansbury in it, so I went on YouTube and searched for Murder She Wrote, and watched some TV movie, which was actually quite good -- better than most of the series.  ("South by Southwest" a trains and spies whodunnit.)

Almost finished listening to Lieberman's Folly.  (Lieberman has pretty much wrapped up all the problems of his synagog's leadership issues, his daughter's marriage issues, his partners drinking and romance and seriously bad luck issues, AND though he had already seemed to have wrapped up the case, he has one more villain to pull in.)  I love the Lieberman books.  Like so many regional police procedurals, it's about a love of place as much as a crime story.  In this case, the old and ever-changing neighborhoods of Chicago.

For the nighttime reading, though, I'm reading through Murder Must Advertise, a Lord Peter mystery by Dorothy Sayers.  It's the favorite of a friend of mine.  And... I think I was dreaming about it last night, but I can't remember.

Tomorrow, a picnic and Agents of SHIELD, but I expect to get some good writing done before and after.

See you in the funny papers.

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