Sunday, April 27, 2014

Day 17 - Juggling Two Books

Today was actually a pretty good writing day, even though I screwed around in the evening, and had errands to run all day.  (Is "errands" spelled right?  Blogger says it is but all of a sudden it looks totally wrong to me....)

Today's Progress: 1260 words split between In Flight and The Man Who Ran Away.

I notice that both of the sections I wrote today stop in mid-sentence.  I don't usually do that, but I think it illustrates why I work on several things at once.  There are times, even when I'm on a real roll, that my mind just stops.  It's like the Muse says "enough of that" and I'm done.  I find, however, that if I take a short break and jump to a different story, I can go on for at least another session.

Eating, Watching, Reading:  I made bread today.  Would have made yogurt, but I forgot to buy milk, and I need a whole quart to make the effort worth it.  For dinner, mashed potatoes, steamed carrots and really yummy left-over ribeye steak from the freezer. (I forgot to give ANY to the cats.  Must watch my back tonight.) 

I've been watching too many mediocre b-movies lately.  Fine for filling in movie history, but I just didn't want to watch any more for a while.  So I watched an episode of Peter Gunn, and then spent an hour watching a movie-buff show on YouTube called "Tired Old Queen At The Movies" (sung to the tune of "Let's all go to the lobby").

Steve Hayes is a movie-buff's movie-buff.  His show is a combination of movie review, film history, and squeeing like a fangirl.  I find that if I have already seen the movie, his show gives a new appreciation of it.  If I haven't seen it, his show leads me to some interesting choices.  Sometimes it gives me a hook to appreciate a movie I have never been interested in.  But it also helps me add to the list of movies I want to watch. 

So tomorrow I will watch an interesting little British whodunnit he recommended:  Green For Danger (1946, Individual Pictures) starring Alistair Sim. (Based on a book by Cristianna Brand, I believe.)  Here' the TOQ review of Green for Danger.  (I don't think it's int he public domain, but just now you can find it on You Tube: Green for Danger.)

You can follow Steve Hayes on Twitter too, at @SteveHayesTOQ.

In the meantime, I'm finishing up the audiobook of Lieberman's Folly, but I've decided to move away from the hard-boiled and suspense stuff and read Dorothy Sayer's Murder Must Advertise next.

See you in the funny papers.

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