Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I've Been On Jury Duty

I intended to post relatively slowly this year -- maybe a couple times a month.  But as you see, I haven't posted in two months.  Oops.

First I had some problems with my audio production, and I had to scramble to catch back up again... and then, just as I was about to get going....

I got called to Jury Duty.

And I was seated on a major case.

And jury duty, while you're on it, is like Fight Club -- you can't talk about it.  Not to anyone.  Not even to other jurors. (Not until they lock you into that little room to duke it out.)

Also, jury duty is a very restrictive full time job. Not an onerous job, but certainly a serious one with heavy responsibility.  A job you can't unwind by talking about after a day's work.  I was surprised how how compressed I got even in a relatively short period of time.  I gained weight and got hooked on computer games again.

The good news is, I have a whole lot of interesting material for the blog.  The bad news is that I haven't completely caught up with all the balls I dropped at the start of this.

I have decided to slow my podcast to every other week until I get caught up with other things.  I have not only an interesting series of posts about jury duty, and maybe some creative non-fiction relating to the case, but I also am continuing with my Xtreme Outlining experiment, and I want to report to you on that.  Plus a number of miscellaneous blog posts...

And yes, I haven't forgotten that I promised my thoughts on what one can do to revive a flagging genre (even if the genre is really already recovering on its own) -- I've got a draft of that post. I just don't have my head in that place any more.  I have to get back into gear before I post that one.

See you in the funny papers.