Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday Update

This turned into a mixed week.  Lots of recovery, but also a lot of raw work done.  I've been very busy doing all sorts of things I wish I had more time for.  Sadly, though, I am not ready to post anything I wrote for the blog yet.

Current Novel

I can say that the novel has been leaping along. (This is The Man Who Ran Away.)  The word count isn't high, but the important elements are filling in.  I just realized today, for instance, that since George has no furniture in his house yet, he may have to acquire some in a hurry so he can have a fancy party to lure in a gathering of the suspects -- so Karla can do her sleuthing thing.  I think, though, that it may have to happen earlier than a usual gathering of the suspects, and be more of a big complication than a solution.

I haven't decided on whether there will be an actual murder at the party.  It's possible the party may end with a chase scene.  In the dark. In or around the lake.

Alternatively, George may go head to head with a little old lady over possession of a unique handmade couch -- it's hers, but she'll let him have it if he resolves the case to her satisfaction. (And if it turns out the person she wants to clear is guilty, that's too bad for George and the couch.)

The 26 Story Challenge

On the 26 Story Challenge, I have detailed ideas for six or seven stories.  The problem is that some of the ideas are lending themselves to longer stories than I want to do for the collection.

(A quick reminder: this challenge is to take the table of contents from an old adventure book found on The Gutenberg Project, and write a flash fiction crime story (between say, 500-1500 words) for each chapter title over the next year.  To keep the ideas focused on the crime genre, I am matching each title with a randomly generated item from The Big Wheel of Crimes and Theories which temporarily resides here.)

When the combination of title and crime element lead me to a longer type story, I'm saving the longer idea and then re-rolling the crime type and going again.


As for blog posts... I might have something for Wednesday, but I'm not sure.  I am pretty sure I'll get up a Story Game post on Friday -- when I'll be talking about creating your own story game.  It'll start with identifying your own genre -- by looking for your favorite tropes.  (May be multiple posts, may not.)

At the moment, I have lots of partially done posts, and ideas for new series, but I want to actually write them ahead of time, and so I can post them on a regular schedule.

See you in the funny papers.

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