Monday, April 21, 2014

Day 11 - Off and Running Again

Just a quick update.

Today's Progress: 1890 words on In Flight.  Angela talks to some of the women of the family.  I had been debating whether to have an imperious grandmother around and thought she would be a background character, but she kinda horned her way in and said this was HER scene.  Maybe a couple of more scenes too.  I was not going to keep this story short on her account!

So I have not yet gone back to the beginning and started knitting things together after all.  Soon, soon.

Eating, Reading, Watching: The re-released the first How to Train Your Dragon in advance of releasing the sequel, so we went to see that, and then had Vietnamese food.

I also ended up taking a break from writing by listening to the audiobook of Lieberman's Folly while playing solitaire.  (No, I didn't draw while I was listening. Bad me.)  I did note that the chapter with the particularly good omniscient voice is actually the second half of Chapter 2. (The first two chapters are LONG.)  The opening also has a good omniscient bit.  (Kind of a teaser prologue about an incident that the case will turn out to be about.)

Stuart Kaminsky was really a great weaver of tales.  He showed what authorial voice can do.

See you in the funny papers.

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