Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer of Sequels and Outlines

This summer is going to be the summer of sequels. First I want to get the rest of this ebook experiment out of my way, so the top goals relate to that:

Goal 1 - Rewrite and expand A Test of Freedom, which is the sequel to Wife of Freedom.

Shadow Goal 1a - increase marketing efforts. This is a "shadow goal" because I won't be setting any daily goals in the dare for it, and I won't give myself points for it.

Shadow Goal 1b - Edit my super-humongous YA fantasy novel to publish as a part of the eBook Experiment in fall. This is a shadow goal because I may not do this seriously until fall. But I want to at least LOOK at it this summer.

Goal 2 - Outline outline outline. I have so many projects that have backed up over the years, AND so many new ideas, I'm never going to get on top of them if I don't have some of them better nailed down. Even though I thought I had some good prep work done on the current WIP, part of my problem was holes in that. So here are the sub-goals:

Goal 2a - Outline and possibly write two or three of Mick and Casey novellas. I definitely want to post the ghost story on Daring Adventure Stories for Halloween. And the other three would fit thematically as a collection under a very cool title. I haven't decided yet whether this will be part of the eBook Experiment yet - novellas are hard to find traditional publishers for, but I'll probably look.

Goal 2b - Outline League of Freedom - the third and final book in the freedom trilogy. I have a draft which is ... readable. It also zooms all over the place from high tension thriller, to drawing room comedy, sometimes in the same scene.

Goal 2c - Outline "The Unnamed Serial" This thing is haunting me. Although the stories will be primarily mystery driven, they may fit best in sf and fantasy. It's not steampunk (which is a very mystery-friendly genre) but I might call it "Jazzpunk" as it is early Jazz Age (and early or pre-golden age of mystery too). And I'm not sure these won't end up regular novels, as opposed to the series of novellas I originally imagined. But it needs serious planning and world building.

Goal 2d - Work on outlines for future books for both the Man Who series and Mick and Casey. This may be a shadow goal, but I'm feeling ambitious on the outlining front.

I'll be concentrating on the outlining goals for this next two weeks. I'll post the specific daily targets tomorrow.


Laura S. said...

Wow, you have a very busy summer ahead! Good for you, though. You;ve inspired me to make a list of my summer writing goals! Thanks for the boost. :)

Hart Johnson said...

Always helps to have a plan, ne? Good luck with meeting your goals! I need to do this myself very soon, as I've just had my commitment pile stacked upon!

The Daring Novelist said...

Laura: I was thinking about your writing exercises and writing up a post about the first one - about visualizing your career. Short term AND long term goals.

Watery Tart: Thanks! Yeah watching that pile grow can motivate you to get on the stick in terms of planning. (Or just make you hide under your desk.)