Saturday, June 19, 2010

Report from Duckon - Day 1

Friday is always a light day at a con, so we started the day going to the Pewter 'Puter Store (i.e the main Apple Store in Naperville - where I looked at my books in the iBookstore. Unlike Barnes and Noble, Apple had both books with proper covers and priced right. (I added the sample of The Adventure of Anna the Great to the library of the iPad I was browsing on. Hah!) My friend, however, was only frustrated as she attempted to pre-order a new iPhone. She had tried to pre-order online back home, and Apple's website had said she could only do this at an Apple Store, the poor Geniuses got the exact same message when they tried to sign her up. The conclusion was a mistake in the website - the system didn't want anybody to pre-order until it was ready.

Meanwhile back at the con, the art show was small, but had a few nice things. The dealer's room was the same. I found a cool bowler hat, which my friend decided to buy for me. (I'll post pictures later.) And yes, indeed, there were many corsets and other Victorian items - and I was slightly scandalized to see one late Victorian corset paired with a Crinoline petticoat.

Haven't got into much writing related stuff yet. We have been extremely lucky on food, though. The little deli called Schmaltz' was the real deal (not Kosher, though, if that matters to you). There was a fierce storm that went through and trapped us there for a while, but that as okay.

Then late this evening, we decided to try to find this Taiwanese restaurant, and found that Google Maps led us seriously astray -- but there we were by a really good REAL Korean BBQ place called Seocho Garden in Lisle Illinois. It's hard to go wrong with Korean. Even Americanized places have edible bulgogi. And as we went in, we saw that they had Korean language newspaper machines out front, and the place was full of Koreans. Score! (And then we were beset by another storm just as we headed home. And there was no parking to be had anywhere, but the bell guy was willing to brave the storm and do valet parking for us finally.)

Tomorrow our day will be packed with programming, and so I hope to have more writing related things to talk about. (Also the lovely birds of prey demo and the tesla coil!)

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