Saturday, June 12, 2010

Outline Dare Day 2 - Turning Points

Today I got a little overheated. I think it's the humidity. Tomorrow is Eat Too Much Day with visiting friends.

As for the outline: I decided today to go with the three act structure. Not the Hollywood 3-act structure, which is really a 4-act structure - although I messed around with that idea too. I think it works better in three, AND that's what I did for the previous book in the series.

The biggest issue I've noticed with this is that I needed to redivide the chapters. I may even divide them again when I get them all developed properly. The book as it stands is 47,000 words. I think it should be about 50-55k, but I'm not sure it needs a lot of new material so much as the thin scenes need to be fleshed out.

Also Henry's plot starts in Part 2 and develops rather rapidly, but I don't see how to start earlier without messing with the timing. It kind of overbalances the end, because it runs up to a cliff-hanger climax at that time. Will it overbalance the story? The ending on the front story is a little weak there. So... maybe I do need to change the timing. At least if I don't come up with a way to strengthen the main story.

Tomorrow, aside from eating way too much, I need to beat out the first act.

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