Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 31 - 1857 Words And That's All She Wrote

And that's all she wrote for the time being on this book. It is not ready for readers, unfortunately - which is where I wanted to be. But I am in a good place for the next go.

I think tomorrow I need to take some notes for the next pass. I need to develop some of the secondary characters and some nuances that I discovered later on. I think I finally nailed the relationship stuff that will be ongoing into the next story. Also, now that I have it in mostly whole shape, I think I'll be able to thread some of the red herrings better, and also maybe develop one or two others for key locations.

Therefore, tomorrow should probably be a brainstorming and questions session too.

Then on Wednesday, I'll post goals for an interim dare - which will be all about getting ready for the next project.. I have a lot to do, and in a week and a half I have a convention. When I get back, I hope to be ready to start the next project, which will be a rewrite and expansion of the rough draft of Test of Freedom - the sequel to Wife of Freedom.

Running Total: 66759 Words.

66759 / 75000 words. 89% done!

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