Friday, March 19, 2010

The eBook Publishing Experiment Goals

For the new visitors, this blog is for progress reports on ongoing writing projects - "novel dares" mostly. I report every day to keep me honest. For the next couple of weeks, though, I'll be taking time out from writing to do something different. I'm going to self-publish an ebook. (More info on my reasons why here and why not here.) This is for fun, and is not to be confused with my efforts at "real" publication.

I am a marketing geek, and I really enjoy this sort of thing. So sue me. (Wait. Don't sue me until after I establish an LLC first....)

Overall goal: to post the book on Kindle and Smashwords by April 4, 2010.

Broken down into tasks:

1. Read, edit and format ms. (By March 21)
2. Get feedback on the cover, and do what's necessary. (By March 20 - fixes by March 28)
3. Read the sequel (yeah, there is a rough draft of a sequel) and judge how soon it could be edited and ready so I can put a "coming soon" notice in the back of the first book. (Mar 22-24)
4. Copyright Registration (March 25)
5. Catalog Copy - test with my writer's group and here. (March 25-28)
6. Get my author website updated. (March 25- April 3)
7. Upload - go live. (April 4)

Some of these tasks will be simple, or even involve waiting around for responses, so I will probably also start in on the next Dare, which will be reading and idea generation.


Karen Jones Gowen said...

Awesome, I look forward to following your experiment!

The Daring Novelist said...

Thanks! It's an exciting project, although I have to admit that right at this moment I'm avoiding it. (I did stay up all night with the manuscript last night....)

Talli Roland said...

Great list! Look forward to following.