Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Writing Dash Day 4 - No Words, but lots of plotting

I accidentally called yesterday Day 4. I can't count any more....

Today I spent some time mulling what's missing about this story, and considering whether I should work on a different story to anchor the trilogy. However, thinking seems to be sufficient. I have a grasp on what this story means in the larger arc of Mick and Casey's life. It might take a little more mulling yet, but I have some scenes worked out that I can write now, so I should be back on track tomorrow.

However the thing that took up most of my time is this new, exclusive critique group I got into. They don't make it easy to jump in as a new person. You're not supposed to critique chapters that have already got three critiques. But everything available for critique is like chapter 16 or chapter 22 - and you can't get the beginning chapters to read to catch up! (I wasted some time today reading some chapters that I'm not supposed to critique. Sigh.) I'm waiting for some clarification from the members, but if this is how they work, I may opt out. You can't start in the middle if you're going to critique anything more than spelling.

In the meantime, I'm thinking of doing a small collection of my published mystery short stories, to offer for a dollar, or free if you can still get Kindle to carry free Smashwords titles. (I've heard you can't do that any more.) I just have to decide on a cover concept. I am thinking the best title of my published mysteries is "Waiter, There's a Clue in My Soup!" so maybe that will be the title, and I can use the motif of empty take out containers for the cover.

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