Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Back from Duckon - Working on Covers

My brain has been much stimulated by my trip to Duckon and Chicago. I had some epiphanies about just about all of my active stories. And I decided on the concept for my cover for Have Gun, Will Play. Below is a pretty close to finished mock-up. Comments would be appreciated.

After the long trip home, though, I am very very tired, and I have to go to work tomorrow and the next day. I hope to make some good posts here soon, but now I must sleeeeeepppppp.....


stu said...

It's consistent with the others, and hints at both the mystery and western aspects. I'm not sure it exactly screams comedy, though.

Unknown said...

I haven't seen the others so I can't comment but I'm not sure about the real photo on top and the drawing on the bottom... are they two different books in one? I would prefer... (and it's only me) either, both above and below the text, real photos or both drawings. That's just me... I'm no expert.

Also, I'm so sorry I haven't got around to finishing the story on your other blog. I promise I will, I've been trying so hard to finish my novel, it's quite distracting.


The Daring Novelist said...

The other covers you see in the sidebar aren't even in the same genre, so I don't need it to be consistent with them. The consistency has to be with future covers in the same series. (The bottom image, therefore, is the series logo - the top image will change with each book.)

Clarissa: I know exactly how it feels. When you're writing, you don't have room in your head for other books.