Saturday, June 19, 2010

Report from Duckon - Day 2

Today at Duckon the man in the metal suit, standing in a mud puddle while being struck by lightening, accidentally set fire to his flame thrower four times.

There were many interesting and exciting moments today, but I think the Singing Tesla Coil Show (put on by some high end geeks from Fermi Labs) was the most exciting. Although the most thrilling was the Harrier Hawk that entered by flying in right over my head (like only a foot or two above it) at the opening of the birds of prey demo.

Pictures of both of these coming later. (Although here are some You Tube Videos from last year: Video One, Video Two.)

And discussion of the interesting panels we attended too. (We had the day booked solid - therefore no great food from outside the hotel.) I am exhausted now.... I will post lots later.

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