Friday, May 7, 2010

May Dare - Finish The Book!

Tomorrow I begin the final push on the work in progress.

About the Work:

The Man Who Did Too Much is a cozy mystery suspense with emphasis on the humor.

Description: George Starling, former International Man of Intrigue, is retired. In limbo. Waiting in a small town in the middle of nowhere for the woman he rescued to recover enough to know whether she loves him or not. When he gets the call to check out the report that a missing prince was spotted in the company of a local woman, he almost turns the job down. But his girlfriend insists he take it. Perhaps she knows he's drowning.

Karla Marquette is a small-town movie-obsessed spinster, who was just doing a favor for a friend when she took care of that little boy for a weekend. Now, suddenly, she's dealing with thugs, break ins, and this guy in a trench coat with a funny accent and no sense of humor.

All Karla knows is that her friend is not a kidnapper. All George knows is that Karla Marquette may have the secret to life.

The Goal:

This is a hybrid dare. The plot is complicated enough that I need to revise what I've got so far in order to finish it - so I will be re-typing the whole thing from start to finish as I write the new material. Therefore the daily goal is high.
  • 30 Days - from May 8 to June 7
  • 75,000 words total, or until done
  • 2500 words per day average
(For tomorrow, I hope to start with a real bang, because the first chapter is pretty much done, and I want to get at least a thousand words into the next chapter.)


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Great plot! Good luck on starting out with a bang. :) I need to do about the amount of writing you're doing...I may tag along a little.

Mystery Writing is Murder

The Daring Novelist said...

Please do tag along. We must encourage one another!

I can't really tell how ambitious this pace is - I've got like 60k in the manuscript now, and I'm mostly on break from work. But a lot of the verbiage has to be replaced.

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

I *want* to write 75 K in the next 5 weeks (which isn't an unusual goal for me) but I also have 3 chapters and a synopsis due for a possible new project. So....let's keep each other on track. :)

Helen Ginger said...

Re-typing? Wow! I'm doing a huge edit, tearing apart, shuffling things, but a complete re-type, wow.

Straight From Hel

The Daring Novelist said...

Elizabeth: Ready, set, go!

Helen: I always retype a novel from scratch at least once. Usually, though it's at a point where I really am just retyping - which forces me to read at a steady and careful pace which is great for editing.

This time, there's retyping, and revising and writing anew all mixed in. We'll see how that goes....