Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Upcoming Blogfests

I know there are a few writers subscribed here: WriteRunner has been keeping a list of writing oriented blogfests. It's nice to know about these ahead of time. Even if you don't write something specifically for it, it's good to have time to think about which clip you're going to choose.

I'll probably be posting something for the "Let's Talk" on May 18, and maybe a couple of the others. (There are some practical jokes and definitely a "bad boy" in The Adventure of Anna The Great. But my best beach scene would be a spoiler for the W.I.P. so I probably won't take part in that one. Although that other scene could take place on the beach. hmmmm.)

I'm thinking of hosting a blogfest for "discovery of the body" scenes or something like that. Not sure when. Definitely after this draft is done, though.


Unknown said...

I think there's been a murder scene blogfest already (before my blogging days began, so not sure). I'm having a vote on my page about what blogfest we 'need' next, if you're interested? ; )

The Daring Novelist said...

There was a murder scene, but not a "discovery of the body" scene (which is a whole different thing).

Since this is a mystery oriented blog, I'm interested in doing mystery oriented scenes, although all kinds are welcome.