Monday, May 10, 2010

Lena Horne, Rest in Peace

Lena Horne has died at 92. I thought the woman was immortal, but maybe she is anyway.

We all think of her from this clip singing Stormy Weather back it the forties.

However, we saw Lena Horne perform in London in the 80s, and she introduced this song by saying that, back when she first performed it, she'd has NO idea what it was about or how to perform it. Then she went on to show how much difference fifty years of living and learning makes.

Here is a later performance of Stormy Weather, very similar to the one we saw (performed as a medly with "If You Believe.")

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Helena Soister said...

I think I saw Lena Horne on the same tour, but in Denver. She sang Stormy Weather two ways -- the young Lena version and mature. What a difference! The book her daugher wrote about the Horne family was also superb.