Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 14 - 1420 Sideways Words

I've got to do a lot of raw exploratory stuff, and I'm not ready to knit it into the existing prose. So I'm writing it in a different document, and not adding it into the total yet. I'll put them in as actual progress when I type them into the main document. I'm now about a day and a half behind, but I think I'll get back to eating up the word count later next week.

This story has a romantic subtext that has been giving me fits. I finally realized today that I just need to set Karla loose on it. She's a problem solver. And all the problems have landed in her lap anyway. She might as well take on mine too.

I also found it strange today.... usually I listen to music to warm up for writing, but I can't listen while writing. But tonight, I put on Rubber Soul as I mulled the scene in which Gwen unburdens her soul while Karla is desperately looking for something to eat, and oddly, I found myself writing faster and better.

Also had good barbeque today. This is a rarity in Michigan, but this particular diner turns out to be really fabulous at it. They started smoking their own bacon for their breakfasts, but their Carolina style brisket was yummy!

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