Monday, May 3, 2010

Attempting a "Blog Hop"

I don't usually participate in internet memes and things like that. (For instance, anything that smells like a chain letter I won't do. I don't like "pass it on" pressures.) But a Blog Hop sounds interesting, if I understand it correctly. Basically it's an "opt-in" blogroll that appears on any site that carries the code.

However, I'm not sure I've got this right, so if a list of blogs doesn't appear below this text, I screwed up.

(Edit: Ah! I understood the blog hop itself okay, but I misunderstood the point of THIS blog hop - which was for people who participated in a blogging challenge last month called "Blogging A to Z". I will leave it up for now, though, because it was an interesting challenge, and might be of interest to my readers.)


Carol Kilgore said...

Have fun hopping around Blogdom.

The Daring Novelist said...

We'll see if I regret this. (I don't think the list has a limit on entries, so it could end up a very long blog post....)