Friday, October 15, 2010

Oct Dare Day 14 - Finally Chapter 12

I finally realized that the reason Chapter 12 was hard is because I accomplished much of what I wanted to do there in some earlier chapter. I needed to simplify, move on to something else. I can go back and rework the earlier bits to do a stronger job, and then maybe follow up after.

So even as tired as I am, I got a thousand words or so to pull most of Chapter 12 together - which involves the watching of Casablanca, and some snooping. I also got an excess character off screen, and I'm thinking of axing another altogether. She does play a part, but she isn't pulling her weight in terms of color or drama or humor or anything except convenience. At the very least she could fork over some information or throw out suspicions. (Hmmm, maybe she could fill in information about the character who exited?)

In the meantime, I am collecting ideas for blog posts and articles to write during NaNoWriMo, and I am up to 71 ideas. I also have a half dozen short fiction ideas - mostly flash stories - to write during the time. Because writing articles and flash stories (at least in rough draft form) take less energy once you have your ideas lined up, I'm going to set ambitius goals for NaNo. I'll post about that tomorrow.

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