Sunday, October 24, 2010

Crit Dare Day 2 - Juggling

Too much going on for things to have gone as well as I'd hoped, but I actually got a lot done.

First, I decided to let my brain run free for a bit to get the kinks out. I worked a bit on the ideas and outline for the future novel series I call "The Serial" because it's inspired by silent era serial adventure. (For new readers, here is a post about it's first bit of character generation, and here is on on the unorthodox world-building I'd like to do with it.) The story is still evolving, and I will probably have a lot to say about that process later on.

Then I wrote and posted three critiques, and then went ahead and read through Chapter 9 and posted that for critique. I'd forgotten how much fun Chapter 9 was. It's where Karla meets Gwen. I hope that Gwen is not too annoying. We'll see what the crit group says....

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