Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Free eBooks for Followers - The Book Descriptions

AFTER PARTY NOTE: Thanks for a successful promotion! I reached my 100 followers and I'm giving away a ton of books. I hope you like them and are eager for more. (And if you do like them, you can go back to Smashwords, or even to Amazon, and write a review. Reviews help indie authors stand out.)


The Search for 100 Twitter Followers Promotion continues. I will tweet a FREE eBOOK Smashwords coupon code for each of my books when I reach the 100 followers level. I have 19 new followers so far. I need 31 more. Just go to Camille LaGuire's Twitter Profile and click on "follow."

Here are the book descriptions:

The Adventure of Anna the Great, YA Swashbuckler/Adventure.

Description: Anna is a runaway girl disguised as a boy. After she nearly thwarts a kidnapping, she is offered a job in the royal stables. Now surrounded by horses and the intrigues of the court, she has the time of her life. But this is Anna's only chance at adventure. She finds the hero admirable but boring, and the villain is both dead wrong and a lot of fun. Whose example should she follow?

The Adventure of Anna the Great is available in multiple formats on Smashwords or for Kindle at Amazon.

The Wife of Freedom, Women's Fiction/Romantic Adventure.

Description: The fictional world of New Acton is on the verge of rebellion, and so is Mary Alwyn, the unfaithful wife of a rebel. But when she betrays her lover for the revolution, her husband holds her up as a hero, labeling her The Whore of Freedom both in public and in print. This becomes Mary's scarlet letter. If she's going to live down the first part of that name, she'll have to live up to the second. She becomes a spy, as bold as her reputation. But she'll never be free until she returns to face her past. (Note: the subject matter of this novel is mature, and while the style is not explicit, it does contain some intense scenes and material not suited for children.)

The Wife of Freedom is available in multiple formats on Smashwords, or for Kindle at Amazon.

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