Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Day 49 - Heat and Sandwiches

They promised that this summer would be cooler to make up for last summer.  And I guess it's not AS hot... yet.  But it's already hot to the point of disrupting my routine, because there are parts of the house I can't use.  And my sleep gets disrupted. Boo. Hisssssss.

All the same I got some work done.

Today's Progress: 500 words on In Flight, and some serious editing on sample for a contest.

As I mentioned yesterday, I have decided to enter the Write Club Tournament this year.  It's supposed to be anonymous, so I won't say anything about what I'm working on for it.  Just that it's a snippet from one of my many many works-in-progress.

The contest accepts 500 word samples until May 31.  They will select 32 entries for the main contest, which they'll do as a tournament: in each round, each sample will go head-to-head with another sample.  The winners of each of these bouts will move on to the next round.  At the higher levels, they will ask for different samples, which will mix things up a bit. 

Eating, Watching, Reading

Went down to Zingerman's today.  Had their amazing "A Hot BLT" (a BLT with avocado and roasted mild chilis on it).  Zingerman's is like the most magnificent place for foodies in the universe.  They are reknowned not only for their magnificent foods, but for their service.. and for their graphic design.  Everything they do is with passion and joy. 

Been watching episodes from the second season of Mannix.  Another show from my childhood, created by Levinson and Link (creators of Columbo, Murder She Wrote, Ellery Queen and a number of other great mystery TV shows).  Another show with a cool credits sequence, and great music by Lalo Schifrin.

As for reading, I'm kind of casting about right now.  Finished Murder Must Advertise (definitely recommended, but I think if you haven't read any other Sayers, you shouldn't start with it.  Start with Clouds of Witness, I think.)  Continuing my slow read of those old Lockridge books in the Shapiro series, but that's not on Kindle and so it's slow going.  Also listening to an audiobook by Craig Ferguson, who is just as whacky but smart as a novelist is he is as a late night talk show host.

Mostly I'm browsing through the thousands of samples I've collected, and trying to get into a Louise Penny book. So far I'm not hooked, but not ready to set it aside.  (It feels like it could be a series I like, but it takes a bit to get into it... or I'm starting with the wrong book.)  Just heard about a new "Golden Age" writer: Elizabeth Daly, who sounds promising, but her books are full priced and therefore I can't afford to buy them until I am actually reading them.  So I've just downloaded samples.

I have a feeling, though, that it will be something else that will catch my interest next.  Don't know what.

Tomorrow, writing at the library, and then we're experimenting with a monthly Game Night.

See you in the funny papers.


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

I've run into some Golden Age mysteries that are full-priced, too. Not sure what the strategy for that is. Seems like it would be better to price lower and hook some new readers? Or maybe they're pricing for those avid fans that will pay higher prices.

The BLT sounds great!

The Daring Novelist said...

Yeah, I think they're looking for the "collector" crowd. Especially if the author is no longer alive, and the estate just says "whatever" and hand it over to a publisher, who just sees it as something to fill out their list.

All the same, I do notice that such books do go on sale periodically.

As for the sandwich... oh yeah. But so is everything at Zingerman's. You can just sit there eating the bread with nothing on it.