Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Day 29 - Even Shorter Update

It wasn't a migraine, or allergies.  It's a cold. I think I've been cooking it for about four days.

So aside from dealing with some kerfuffle earlier in the day, I mostly took it easy.

I'm surprisingly creative when I have a cold, but not very disciplined.  (Rest, feel revived, get up to start something ambitious, fade quickly, go back to rest.)

So I mostly scribbled notes on the things my creativity handed me, and either read or listened to audiobooks.

I may skip updating tomorrow if the cold continues.  Otherwise I'll be posting things like: "Still got a cold.  Made brownies." or "Still got a cold, came up with a new series idea I'm jazzed about but I can't tell you about because I've forgotten it already."  The point of letting my blog go boring is not to bore you, but to encourage myself to put my energy into writing.  If I have no energy and minimal writing, I see no reason to be boring too.

See you in the funny papers.


Unknown said...

No reason to post anything boring.
The more one writes the easier it is to blog or make comments as a way to keep up the energy.
When all the words don't make themselves present it's best to sleep and recharge the mind.

The Daring Novelist said...

Thank you Carlos!

The reference to "boring" is that this is my strategy for this 175 day effort; I'm only posting boring progress updates. I let myself add additional thoughts if they occur to me spontaneously when I post.

When I come up with something interesting for the blog, I'm trying to save it for later, when I return to regular blogging.