Thursday, May 29, 2014

Day 50 - Playing and Blogging

Today turned out to be much cooler than forecast.  (Hooray!)

I ended up mainly on blogging, but the series is shaping up really well, and might end up as a small ebook.

Today's Progress: 3350 words of nonfiction.

Continuing to work on that blog series about about Book Descriptions, Loglines and Pitches.  And it's definitely developing into a series of posts.  It's rather in the vein of some of the movie/story analysis I have done here: I'm looking at the theory, looking at examples, and then digging down deep into specific examples and tearing them apart and analyzing them closely. And then seeing if I can replicate what I learned.

It is, however idiosyncratic, in that I'm using my own reactions to blurbs as a starting point.  However, as I dig into it, I find that after a while of doing this, I'm no longer looking at just my own reactions -- I'm actually nailing down the kinds of details that actually tell the audience something.

Furthermore: Every time I write another section of this, I learn something, and I get closer to figuring out how to write a pitch for certain books. Right now, though, what I'm learning mostly depends on books which can be described and categorized to some extent.  At the moment, I haven't looked at all at books which are weird and hard to define. (That, however, might be coming.)

I'm going to work on this until Monday (not exclusively) and then decide if the series is ready to debut -- if it is, I'll start this Tuesday, and make it a weekly thing. Book Pitch Tuesdays!

Eating, Watching, Reading... and playing

We had a "Game Night" tonight. We played Ticket to Ride - Europe Edition. It's a fun game where the players are railroad barons, competing to build railroads across Europe from city to city.  I think this game started with the American edition, but the European one has some complications to make it even more fun.

We had picked up a bunch of stuff from the deli case at Zingerman's yesterday, so that was dinner, and a fabulous dinner it was.  And because it was cooler, I made brownies tonight, but those are supposed to be kept for when it's too hot to bake. (I suspect this won't happen.)

Because we played games, I didn't have much time for other entertainments. (I did watch another episode of Mannix while baking the brownies. This episode will likely play a part in the "book description" series, because I chose it based on a set of very bad episode descriptions.)  I have not yet chosen my next book.

See you in the funny papers.


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Will look forward to the logline posts! I sort of enjoy writing book descriptions...almost like a word game.

"They" said that this summer is supposed to be mild. But it's already in the 90s here. Am wondering how they drew that conclusion?!

The Daring Novelist said...

I think with the long term forecasts they estimate it from things like El Nino. How warm the oceans are, etc. That can predict the overall average, but not the week to week.

Yesterday and today were milder than the forecast though, so I am hopeful.