Friday, May 16, 2014

Day 37 - Reset Day

Today I had to get up early for an eye doctor appointment.  It appears I do not yet have glaucoma (hooray!) but they have to run some other tests to be sure. (I have high pressure in my eyes, so they have to keep looking. And it's very good that after a year and a half they aren't seeing signs of damage.)  And for the first time in my life, I am actually covered to get some glasses.

Also, strange but true, it turns out I am not left-eye dominant, even though when I cover my left eye, my right eye goes blank for a second. (It recovers almost instantly, and then takes over. Very odd. I am reminded of one of those army comedies, where the lazy stupid commander has to poked by the sergeant when the time comes to command....) Optometrist and I wondered if this might be related to the fact that I am also semi-ambidextrous.

In the meantime on the writing front: I decided that I needed a "reset" after the rather chaotic week.  So I've been reading more than normal. I am actually reading four books at once.

One of the books I'm reading is an old favorite that is not in print, and not available as an ebook, and I have given up hope that it ever will be: Murder and Blueberry Pie by Frances and Richard Lockridge.

And I'm not actually reading it, I'm more studying it as I scan it and turn it into an ebook for my future private use.  It's interesting to study because several other books I'm reading have variations on some of the same tropes.  And correcting OCR forces you into a very slow, deliberate pace that allows you to notice things.

One of those tropes is impersonations and identity mix ups -- so I decided to hammer out some thoughts for a variation on the Story Game, maybe come up with a Wheel of Mistaken Identities.

And the process I came up with a whole new story that I really like. And I mean a really detailed murder plot made up of the sort of things I usually put off until last, and then get hung up on. ("But WHY did Mrs. MacDoogal steal the kumquats?!?")

So that's my Day's Progress:

Right now it's called Death of a Plain Girl, and it will probably be one of the "Game Story" set.  But it's possible it could be back story for a Man Who book too, if I feel like it.  (Although I do like my protagonist -- she could be a suspect rather than a suspense heroine.)

Back to reading, scanning and listening. I hope to start messing with new words tomorrow.  We'll see if Murphy cooperates.

See you in the funny papers.


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Glad there wasn't any glaucoma! My family is rife with it, so always a concern of mine, too.

Also glad to hear you've come up with such a great story and are making progress on other fronts, too!

The Daring Novelist said...


(BTW, now I find out that those cortico steroid sprays I've used for sinus issues cause increases in intraocular pressure. This explains a lot. Dang.)