Monday, May 26, 2014

Day 47 - Ah, It's a Migraine

Yesterday's brain-weariness was apparently the precursor of a migraine.  I don't usually get the pain -- just the groggy blindness -- but today it blossomed into something more.  (Possibly aggravated by eye-strain or allergies.)

In spite of this I did have a good session working on the book description for In Flight.  I worked on several different lengths, but was unable to push my brain to get them to quite the point where I want to show anyone. 

I also, in a moment of lucidity, wrote half of a blog post on something I learned while doing this, about writing loglines.  But alas I only wrote half before my brain dived back under again.

Also alas, while I had a great epiphany about what attracts me to to a book (and it isn't what people think is necessary) I am at a loss to apply that to my own book just now.  All I can say is that one or two details -- just a title sometimes -- with no context is usually enough to flag my interest.

The problem with a long book description isn't that it's long, but rather that I might not find those key details when I skim it.

Anyway, I may finish that blog post tomorrow, and if so, I'll post it.

See you in the funny papers.

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