Friday, January 8, 2010

Here it is - The First Page

Tomorrow I start the dare!

I didn't finish the outline this week, but I am so eager to get going, that I decided to jump the gun and polish up my new opening. And just to keep myself committed, I decided to post the first page, right here and right now!

The Man Who Did Too Much is what I would call a comic cozy suspense novel. It features George Starling a former man of international intrigue, and Karla, a small town spinster, neither of whom really want to be tangled up in an international kidnapping plot - but nobody gets everything they want.

Chapter 1 - Saint George

George Starling, recovery agent for Benson Kravitz International -- no, make that ex-recovery-agent -- sat on the edge of the leather chair in the office of the therapist of the woman he more than likely loved with all his heart and soul.

Given all of the modifiers in that thought, he probably belonged there, but he wasn't there for his own sake and didn't particularly want to be there. The shrink was young and she was posturing and he didn't like her. It's just that Gwen had decided she wouldn't go, so George did it for her. Somebody had to.

The shrink sat upright and a little stiff, like she sensed his dislike. He slumped a little to indicate surrender, and she gave him a small superior smile.

"So," said the shrink, "the entire relationship consists of you hovering over her and waiting for her to want something."

"I wouldn't say there is a relationship at all. Yet." He'd thought he was agreeing with her, but she didn't like the answer and she raised her chin and fixed him with a look.

"And there won't ever be one if you don't stop being the knight to her damsel and do something normal with your lives."

"Like ... what?" he said in sudden exasperation. "I don't know how to do anything else, and she just won't. I can't make a normal life for her if I don't know what it is that she needs."

George sat back, surprised at his own vehemence. The shrink was smirking at him again. He took a deep breath.

"I think it's bloody obvious what we need."

"You can't make her life for her, George."

"I have to. I promised."

So there, a beginning. It will probably have to torn apart and redone. But I think the approach is right, anyway.

See ya tomorrow with real word counts and progresses.

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