Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 5 - 1319 Words But Not What I'd Hoped

I think a lot of this opening needs to be reimagined, not just retyped and edited. But maybe that's for another draft. At the moment, I do need a cohesive draft so I will bull through.

Of course, "reimagining" is something I normally do when retyping, but it is very hard to do when I am also working, so these day job days are a problem. My brain is just too tired. This weekend, before I got to this point, I found myself skipping ahead to what I was writing today, and shaping it. But now, I'm just editing it. (So I think what I ended up doing was blathering enough so that I didn't get to the really critical part.)

Tomorrow is a day off. Maybe I can do a better job.

And maybe I should start skipping to parts of the story that don't need as much work on workdays. I just wanted to work on this from beginning to end for this draft. Oh well....

Running Total: 4935 Words.

4935 / 60000 words. 8% done!

In Today's Pages: Karla buys the gallon of milk, and evicts Heimlich the tomato worm.


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

I think that's a great idea...if there are parts that you could write quickly, you could just open a new Word document and save it by the scene description. Work on the hard parts on the weekend...

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The Daring Novelist said...

That's how I do the first draft (or the first exploratory collection of stuff approximating a major chunk of a novel) but this is the assembly draft.

I think, though that the thing that was giving me fits was the reaction of a first reader to the George beginning. She's right about things I may need to do with that beginning, but swapping in the Karla beginning is NOT working. It totally flummoxed up the timing and revelations. Still, I'm moving forward with what I've got and will mess with that when I get the the time.