Thursday, January 28, 2010

Back to the Dare Tomorrow

Busy day, good personal stuff, but weird events at work that left me kind of distracted.

Tomorrow I start up on the dare again. I'm continuing on the same track, but I am expanding the final word count to 70,000, and the final date to March 14. That leaves the approximate daily goal at 1200, just like before.

Now, when I'm doing first fresh exploratory writing like I did in the fall, I count all words written. If I write a thousand words on a scene, and then the next day I throw it out and write a thousand new words - both sets count.

However, this dare is a "full draft" dare, so the count that matters is the total number of words in the manuscript. Stuff that gets cut is negative progress. And duplicate scenes don't get to exist. (Not unless they are both going to be there in the final version - something which I will talk about when I get around to talking about point of view variations.)

So, I expect some backwards progress a few times in the coming weeks, as I maneuver the new beginning into place. Still, that does make for a great incentive to move forward and not fuss.

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