Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Getting Ready Day 3 (of 5)

My brain is barely functioning, and yet I got some outlining done. I'm not trying to actually plan or think yet, but just to record, in story order, all the notes and scenes I already have. (Basically collate what I've got.) This is something I can usefully do even when my brain is so tired I can't remember my own name.

I have, of course, old notes with turns of dialog, and different versions of various things - and now I can sit down and look at them all before I throw myself into each scene.

The first three chapters, I think, are mostly in order. I hope to have an actual snippet of the beginning to post here on Saturday night.

(Progress on the website, unfortunately, requires more brain cells than I currently have, but maybe I can get sufficient work done over the weekend. In the meantime, Orange Kitty decided it was a good evening to give my hand a thorough washing, which was a really relaxing sandpaper massage.)

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