Sunday, May 4, 2014

Day 25 - Shopping Day

Today was shopping day.  Managed a decent writing session, along with ordinary kerfuffle.

Today's Progress: 573 words on The Man Who Ran Away, and pulling together pieces on In Flight.

The segment from Man Who 2 really pleased me, because it finally settled opening points of view, and provided me with a great segue from the opening to the introduction of Karla.  She's wearing bunny-ears.  Also some nice set ups for that moment.

And I have more or less pulled together the first 5 chapters of In Flight. There are gaps and redundancies. (I may actually remove more than I put in.) I have moved the Flashback That Explains All to Chapter 4.  It is something of a set piece, and could be moved even later -- for instance, it could be the bridge into the next act -- however, it works best if I make a certain revelation at the very end of the chapter before it.

I may request readers who are willing to read rough prose and answer only one question: is the opening confusing for a lack of information, or is it weighted down with too much?  But first I have to get it whole and balanced as much as I can without feedback.

Eating, Watching, Reading:

Made some homemade bean burritos.  Also, somehow, found myself watching the White House Correspondents Dinner. Not just the funny parts, but the student awards and all.  ????  I don't have a TV, so how did this happen?  I think it began with an innocent click on a tweet.  "Don't have a TV? Watch the WHCD live online here..."

It was fun watching the video of Joe Biden and Julia Louis-Dreyfus sneaking around the White House while everyone was gone, eating ice cream and getting tattoos.  And the humor was likely much funnier for those of us who are on the left side of the aisle than those on the right.  Not sure if it was worth a two hour chunk of writing time.  (Or actually, drawing time.)

Began rereading The Family Vault last night.  Haven't got to the entrance of Max Bittersohn yet.

See you in the funny papers.

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