Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday Update - and Coming Attractions

REMINDER: before you are impressed with the minutes listed below, I'm treating this blog as a JOB, and therefore everything I do on it, including typing these words, counts.

But yeah, it is a lot of time.  I have been pushing because this coming week is when I go back to the daily posting schedule.  (That is, daily on weekdays.  That's when traffic tends to be highest.)  I accomplished some good things this week:

  • I am patching in the rest of The Misplaced Hero.  Getting all the exploratory writing in as much as possible so I'm ready to roll.
  • I did a bunch of future blog posts.
  • I finally figured out the right approach to a key scene in a future Starling and Marquette mystery.  
  • Reading! I actually did reading (though not on the clock -- I don't count reading for that).
  • Finally knuckled down and worked on the final artwork for the Miss Leech comic strip. That starts this week, so it's about time.  (Still got the dialog and lettering to do.) 

I did NOT do as much as I meant to do on the artwork for the rest of Misplaced Hero, and though I like the work I did on the episodes, I didn't get as far ahead as I'd like on the upcoming episodes for this week and next.

There are, however, two days left in this long weekend.

This week's progress for A Round of Words in 80 Days:

Wednesday Day 59 - 225 minutes
Thursday Day 60 - 45 minutes
Friday Day 61 -240 minutes
Saturday Day 62 - 300 minutes

That's about thirteen and a half hours or so. Which is about right if it's a 20 hour a week job -- and this is the "long" half of the week. (It's also the half which has more free time.)

This Past week's posts:

Coming This Week on the Blog:

Monday - Episode 35 "The Cussar Sword"
Pookiterin gets his orders.

Tuesday - Miss Leech and The Yard, #1
The first installment of the cartoon adventures of a little old lady sleuth, and the policeman who wishes she would go away.

Wednesday - In Control
When you try to mess with things you don't control, you neglect the things you DO control.

Thursday - Episode 36  "Finding Thorny"
Alex and Lina come up with another plan.

Friday Favorites - The Casablanca Test
As Karla Marquette says, "You can never go wrong with Casablanca."

See you in the funny papers.

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