Friday, June 3, 2011

Character Friday: Julia March

Julia March is going to tell us about Amber, a secondary character in "The Net of the Magician."

Camille: What made you create Amber?

Julia: Originally, Amber was meant to be a sort of tertiary villain--someone who was on the side of the bad guys, and a sort of mole within the good guys' territory. But I was having more and more fun with her, making her someone too self-centered to be flat-out on anybody's side but her own.
Camille: What makes her special to you?

Julia: She was fun to write about. Also I got to use her to show qualities of my protagonist. In particular, as Margaret's personality changes in response to her discoveries about magic, she starts to respect (grudgingly, maybe) Amber's strengths.

Camille: Do you have more planned for this character?

Julia: No. No sequels planned for this one. Although if you want to know what she's up to... I think that Amber is probably working in the fashion industry now.

The Net of the Magician is a contemporary fantasy about Margaret, an archivist in a university library who finds she must battle an evil magician to keep her job. Read more about it on Julia March's Blog.

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