Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Still Got a Cold

The fever went away this afternoon, and the cold is much better, but I didn't get much done today other than sleeping.

I'm getting more excited about the idea of serialized adventures. Both the modern mystery series and the romantic suspense genre have a long history with serials. I like to work with characters in the long term, also. I am even beginning to wonder if Test of Freedom and League of Freedom (which are currently one long rough draft) aren't a serial rather than two books.

One of the reasons that serials are attractive is because I've been thinking about presenting serialized stories on a blog. It can be an interesting marketing tool. I do know that a lot of people have great success promoting their ebooks by giving them away free in different ways.

And besides, Amazon also lets you create subscriptions to blogs, for a monthly fee, so it could be a secondary revenue stream.


Laura S. said...

Serialized stories on a blog is a fantastic idea!

Hope you feel better soon!

The Daring Novelist said...

Definitely better today. But I've got to go to work and deal with a mess there (although I have a wonderful efficient student aide who may have dealt with everything for me).

One way to keep a serial blog going, I was thinking, would be to post some lesser known classics too, I've got a book I've been meaning to scan for the Gutenberg project that could be fun to kick it off. The down side would be that it's a long book, so if people didn't like the book, they wouldn't stick around.