Sunday, April 25, 2010

Brainstorming Day 10 - Playing Around

Today was sort of a day of rest in that I didn't try to do anything in particular. Even so:

*I read over chapter one of the W.I.P. and found it absolutely perfect except for a couple of rough spots which I suddenly realized how to fix.

*I put in a bid on eBay for a Brit mystery video that isn't available in the U.S., now that I've figured out how to get Region 2 stuff onto my iPod without changing the region on my computer. (It involves using an external DVD drive, which can't actually play video, but can see it as data....)

*I dreamed a strange Miss Marple meets a Gritty Police Procedural story that makes little sense but may spawn a character... or not.

*I ate dim sum. It was good.

*I wrote questions for authors. (Which is preparation for a new feature I'm going to add to this blog this summer - author interviews. I'm sticking mainly to indie authors, and probably some mystery authors who aren't indies, at first.)

*I foodled around on several ebook forums, and gleaned many more nuggets of wisdom, as well as finding a few books to read.


One of the nuggets of wisdom that I keep coming across is to give away as many books as possible. Therefore, I will give a way a copy of either of my two ebooks to anybody who reads this blog and comments on this post between now and the end of the month. I ask only that you actually read it. What a deal!

(See descriptions of the books on my website at


Carol Kilgore said...

I see I wasn't the only one who had a laid-back weekend. They're nice.

However, I don't have an ereader of any sort, so there's no need to enter me in your free ebook drawing. I thought I wanted an iPad, but then I heard Google is test-driving one that seems more my speed. So I'm still hanging out on that.

Anonymous said...

Free eBooks are great, i've ready 30 or more since I got my eReader 6 weeks ago, but to be honest

(a) I like to feel i'm giving to an author for all the work they put into the books, and have no problems with paying for them,

(b) At what point does an author change from giving away free books, to charging for them, and then how much ?

(c) You want to eat right ? so I guess you have to make money from this time consuming writing buisness,

I have two of your eBooks on my very very large TBR List, hope to get too them ASAP, and feedback then

"The Wife of Freedom"


"the Adventure of Anna the Great"

Regards and Best Wishes


The Daring Novelist said...

Thanks for looking at my books, Kevin! (I'm assuming you're Kevin Tipple from Short Mystery Fiction Society and ... If not, I still thank you for looking at my books and say welcome!)

Yeah, pricing is tricky and interesting. At first you do have to get your name out there, but once you get past that phase, you've got to figure out the sweet spot between volume and margin.