Thursday, April 22, 2010

eBook Experiment - Published the Swashbuckler!

I fixed a couple of things on the cover, and wrote the catalog copy. The Adventure of Anna the Great is now available on Smashwords, but Kindle takes longer to process.

Smashwords has a limit of 400 characters for the description, but here is the slightly longer one:

In the tiny nation of Lifbau in 1863, girls are not allowed to have adventures. Anna, though, is still young enough to pass for a boy, so she runs away to find her one and only chance at adventure. She gets a job as a stableboy in the royal stables, and there she is surrounded by intrigues and horses and kidnappings and more horses! And, unfortunately, an admirable but boring hero, and a villain who, though dead wrong, is a lot more fun. With only one chance at adventure, Anna has to find the right path between the two.

(This is a png version of the cover and I think it looks much better. Smashwords only takes jpegs and whatever algorithm they use to make the thumbnails is AWFUL. But at least Amazon allows tiffs, so I used a tiff there. We'll see how it comes out.)

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