Friday, April 30, 2010

eBook Experiment - Sudden Burst of Sales

I just got home from work to discover that I have had a sudden rash sales in the last couple hours on The Wife of Freedom. Nothing to pay the mortgage with, but definitely a jump.

I have been more active for the past couple of days in reading and commenting on blogs, but I haven't mentioned the book. I have four new followers for this blog, and eight sudden book sales. I joined Twitter and I have a grand total of four followers there.

So did every one of my new followers purchase a book? Or did somebody mention the book on a forum or blog somewhere that I didn't know about? Or do I just need to do more close analysis of scenes with Daniel Craig and Carol Burnett them? (Oh! That would be an interesting casting combo. I hear Judi Dench is looking to retire from Bond movies, so ... Carol Burnett as M?)

To quote Philip Henslowe in Shakespeare In Love: It's a Mystery!

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