Sunday, April 4, 2010

Reading - and Dream Stories

I read and voted in the Flash fiction category. I'm reading the shorter short stories mainly tonight. The long short stories and the novellas will take more time.

I broke my promise about waiting on marketing for the eBook Experiment, and I did spend a lot of time today trolling various forums and posting announcements of my ebook publication. I gained one sale from it. (Although we'll see if more come along later.)

The thing that is really occupying my mind right now, though, is raw creativity. I'm dreaming new stories. I use dreams a lot for my basic idea generation. I have some very interesting dreams, with wild geography and swings of plot. These dreams sometimes feed into my stories, and then I intentionally feed aspects of my stories into my dreams, to see what comes out. Very often I will take my characters and push them into my dream world and make them deal with it.

Every now and then, though, one of these dream worlds will move beyond mere exercise and amusement, and compel me to want to develop it into a real story. Usually what happens is that a character from the dream world - who only existed before to push around or lure my main characters when they came for a visit - comes into full form, and wants his or her story told. And then I'm stuck, because these characters and their backgrounds are completely entwined in a world of nonsense

This is happening to one of my dream worlds right now. Luckily for my current projects, I'm going to have to do a lot of slow world-building before I can really write anything. So I'll just be note-taking on this, while I concentrate on existing stories.

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