Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day 23 - 1235 Words Since Midnight

I started late. Really late. But I got to the goal. My cold is getting better, but I slept in and was easily distractable today. Also, eHow, the site where I do some article writing, is going through another round of article deletions, which means there were a lot of frustrated, angry and bewildered people on the forums. So as usual I spent a lot of time explaining and helping as best I could... and I probably wrote a lot more than a thousand words just there.

Running Total: 13476 Words.

Two scattered scenes - Uncle Rosie takes Karla to breakfast and gives her the third degree with syrup, and then a later scene after George takes her to dinner, in which she makes all clear to George by explaining that his job is Paul Henreid. (And he is Ingrid Bergman.)

Yes, they're still on the Casablanca metaphors. It would all go better if it wasn't for the fact that George has only seen the movie dubbed in Tagalog with Chinese subtitles.

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