Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day 10 - 1298 Words of Mixed Writing

I spent some time early in the day working on an article to submit to Suite101. They want two writing samples before they accept a writer.

The article I did this morning was about cliffhanger chapter endings, and how a good cliffhanger isn't just a matter of leaving the readers hanging - it's a promise of cool things to come. (People don't turn the page just because they don't know what happens next. They turn the page because they have reason to believe something great is going to happen next.)

So 405 words on the article, and 893 words on the novel.

Running Total: 7328 Words.

In today's novel writing, Karla realizes that George must have ditched his gun just as the police arrived, but where? She has a feeling she maybe doesn't want to know, but that doesn't stop her from looking, or banging her head on a pop machine, or having too many people buy pop for her when she isn't even thirsty.

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