Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day 19 - 382 Miscellaneous Words

As you see I struggle a little to keep up with the goals I have set, even though my pace here is pretty modest compared to things like NaNoWriMo and even more challenging novel dares. A friend said to me that setting a long term dare was not a good idea because it's hard to keep up for so long.

But that's kind of the point. I did this once, almost a decade ago. I was able, at last, to really limit the hours I worked at my day job. I did some figuring and I realized that if I was serious about writing, I should be able to turn out 1000 words a day when working part time. Not that it would be easy, but it was something a working writer should be doing. At least as an average.

Today I did a little more writing rather than drawing. Mondays are exhausting, but I want to catch up a little. I think the story has been catching fire.

Running Total: 11508 Words.

Mostly filling in between bits I've already written. And Uncle Rosie offers to buy Karla some waffles, figuring he'll catch more flies with syrup than with the third degree.

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