Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day 22 - 733 Words of Fevered Typing

Well, only a bit of fever, but I definitely have a cold. And I didn't work on the novel today because my brain does is too fuzzy for complication.

So I wrote a flash fiction story and two mystery haikus. Two! (I did some other things today too, but I don't remember what they are. Oh! A review of the Ellery Queen TV show... or did I do that yesterday? Time runs together. Cats take advantage.)

Running Total: 12241 words.

I hope to have this story polished soon, but I'm undecided about putting it on the site, or submitting it somewhere first. (I do want to add some original fiction here, but I also think I should start up my regular publishing again.)

I'll also need to do an illustration....

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