Sunday, November 8, 2009

Day 17 - 1020 Words And Much Fun

I meant to write more to make up for lost time, but who would have expected that I would end up watching C-Span with rapt attention. (We got a Republican to vote for health care! Hoorah!)

Running Total: 10656 Words.

I had much fun writing today's bits. First there was a conversation in which George tells the story of the one moment of his childhood that changed everything and made him who he is. Under much prodding, Karla comes up with a story too, but she refused to tell the story I prepared for her and told a completely different one.

And then I did a scene from the end in which Karla is able to deliver a famous line that no quiet-living middle-aged spinster is ever likely to have an opportunity to say. (George definitely has made her day.)

Looking forward to tomorrow's sessions.

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