Sunday, June 22, 2014

Day 74 - Getting There

I got a good night's sleep.

I did some writing -- a session I very much liked, but I'm afraid I'll be doing that bit completely over. (More below.)

Shopping.  Cooking.  Watching Leverage.

Then typography.  I spent way too much time on a $10 typography job, playing with some cool designs the client didn't ask for -- but it was a learning experience, and we'll see if the client goes for the simple or the "hot" designs.

Writing Session

Today I wrote a large lump of exposition for In Flight. It was in a spot that it would work, and even be expected, and it suits the voice of the story.  I think it would work well.  I enjoyed writing it.

However, I expect at least half of it is information I will save for another scene.  And I might even move more than that.  The scene is the first bit in Reef's point of view, and it tells who he is really, and also how he came to be this useless middle-manager of a catering company.  And also how he met Chef.

Later on there is a scene with he and Angela, trying to make conversation, and since he has promised not to ask her questions, he will have to talk about himself.... so I'm thinking that some of this story will be left to that conversation. Certainly the part about Chef, and possibly some colorful details of the incident that changed his life and brought him to La Finesse Catering.

Which means I'll probably only keep 100-200 words of about 700 words.  But that's all right, I got the details nailed down, and it also gave me a stronger sense of the voice when I'm in Reef's point of view.

See you in the funny papers.

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