Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Day 63 - A Mixed Energy Day

First of all, let me say that I did get some focus back on In Flight.  Otherwise, not a lot done in terms of writing today.

The day began at 6:30am (and I should note here that I usually go to bed about 2:30 am) with the cat deciding to practice his nursing skills by waking me up to see that I didn't have a concussion... every... freaking... 15... minutes... all... morning... long.

Then, when he finally succeeded in getting me fully awake, he then proceeded to curl up under my knees and wanted us both to stay in bed.

All the same, I did manage to expend great energy today. I needed to make yogurt, and prep two batches of bread dough to make bread tomorrow.  All my blood test numbers came in fine -- improved in some areas.  (Unfortunately, I don't like the trend in some other numbers even if they are all still fine.)  I did some reading and editing.

Then... we went to see BOOK OF MORMON at the Wharton Center (the big theater at MSU).  Very high energy show.  I enjoyed it thoroughly, even if the theater's sound system isn't what it should be.  There were a number of people there, though, who did not seem to know anything about the show.  ("I think it's some kind of comedy" said a person behind us.)  It's by the guys who do South Park, and it has a very strong South Park feel.

My advice is, if you get a chance to see Book of Mormon...grab those tickets!  But look it up first, so you know what you're getting yourself into.

In the meantime, the bread is chillin' in the fridge so it doesn't rise too fast.  The energy from the play has got scenes rolling in my head again.  (It is a very enthusiastic kind of story.)  But now I think I should attempt to get some sleep. 

See you in the funny papers.

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