Saturday, June 14, 2014

Day 66 - Oh, Hospitals

Today a friend had a medical procedure.  Therefore, I knew that a portion of the day would be eaten up by being the designated "not addled by anesthesia" person.  (I probably should not have qualified, because sleep disruption and other things left me pretty addled, too.)

However, though the procedure went well, the recovery had issues and we ended up spending pretty much the whole of the day with it, including pharmacy and juice runs and welfare checks.

I didn't even bring my iPad -- just notecards and a notebook -- because I didn't want to lug it and a keyboard around, and I knew I wouldn't get much done at the hospital anyway. ("This won't take long at ALL, so be sure to stay right here and be alert to our call!  And after that, you should stay alert to our next call, which also won't take any time at all. And the next and the next.")

I did however, work on replotting the sequence changed by the scenes I wrote yesterday.  Also figured out how to time one of the scenes that happens in a hospital!  And I got some work done on one of the writing games.

 Tonight I decided to write this post first and then see if I felt like getting a little writing done. Or just going to bed. (It's a cool night, and so I can sleep upstairs and away from the spiders and hyperactive orange cat.  Although I expect he will probably bring me a spider.  Because, you know, I might miss them....)

See you in the funny papers.

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